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Unique and Amazing. King Edgar: A Life Of Regret follows the history of England; “stranger than fiction”, as kings succeed one another through the 1000’s; then King Edgar Aethling is brought to life, telling us his experiences and faith.

Born in Hungary, he was a child when he came to England, when suddenly, his father dies, likely assassinated. As a teenager, named king of England after the Battle of Hastings, but quickly forced to abdicate. Disaster and loss seemed to follow Edgar relentlessly. Finally, Edgar is a hero, reaching Jerusalem in the First Crusade.

By 1124, Edgar is finally at peace, proving that trials produce perseverance leading to wisdom and maturity. He celebrates Christmas at his friends new church. The conversation covers subjects from faith to warfare, both “modern” and “medieval” concepts.

King Edgar: A Life Of Regret is written about faith at a time when Christianity was pervasive in the culture. Throughout the history, and when Edgar speaks, thought provoking ideas and inspiration will be found.